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New Toy

The family just took a vacation, spending an entire week in an indoor water park and resort. Specifically, we went to Kalahari in Sandusky, OH. We had a great time, though I don’t think I’ll go down any more “toilet bowl” slides.

Anyway, before leaving for this trip, my wife decided we needed a laptop. We own an aging Toshiba (don’t recall the model), but it’s painful to use. It’s that old. See, as much as I’m into this tech stuff, we’re kind of tight with our money. In this case, though, the wife really wanted to stay connected while we were gone on this extended vacation, so as long as we watched the budget, it was time to purchase a new laptop.

Well, we found a deal. Got a Toshiba Satellite U500 at a really great price. I’ve always liked the Toshiba line of laptops (our first one actually got dropped down a flight of stairs, while running, and suffered no damage), so it was pure luck that while bargain shopping with a single day to make a purchase, the one we found was a Toshiba. Even better, this one has a multi-touch screen. I must say, after using this one, I don’t think I’ll ever own a laptop without a multi-touch screen again. I’ve never plugged a mouse into this one, and I’m quite happy about that!

The U500 is a good size. Having bad eyesight, I didn’t think I’d like a screen this small, but honestly, it’s just about perfect. It’s got a rugged design, with a quality feel. It’s also packed with features. I’ve really been enjoying using this thing, even if I do still prefer the desktop experience (may have to look for a multi-touch screen for my desktop now).

I’ve even managed to get some Onyx vNext coding done on this thing, which is something I never could have done with the old laptop. 🙂


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