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OK, this is too cool.

My current pet projects, Specificity and Onyx, both require desktop and Silverlight support (well, Specificity is getting this support soon). The typical way of accomplishing this is through project links. You create two projects, one for the desktop and one for Silverlight. You create physical source files in one of the projects, then in the other you create project links to the other file. A project link is like a symbolic link in file system vernacular, but done strictly within a project definition. If you need the code to be different between the platforms due to differences in the platform libraries, you either use conditional compilation via #if/#endif blocks, or you use a partial class with platform specific code in a file not shared with the other project.

All of that works fairly nicely, but it’s a bit of a maintenance PITA and can be rather error prone. Forget to create the link, and it’s possible everything will still compile, but you’ve got a “bug”.

Well, I just found out that there’s a tool that automates all of this within Visual Studio, provided to us by the patterns & practices team. It’s called the Project Linker: Synchronization Tool. Having just found it, I’ve not yet been able to use the tool “in anger”, but you can be sure I’ll be checking it out real soon.

By the way, if you’ve followed me here from my previous blog on Spaces, welcome to my new home. Hopefully I’ll no longer have to worry about blog spam here! However, being new to this blog, you’ll have to excuse me for a while as I settle in and get things working the way I like.

Update: Near as I can tell, this is where you grab the tool from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=387c7a59-b217-4318-ad1b-cbc2ea453f40&displaylang=en#filelist.


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