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Unpacking Some Boxes

I was asked to make one final post here when RSS feeds were exposed on the new site. Well, the feeds were always there, just not readily visible on the page. If you were using a browser that was feed aware, it would have detected two feeds on the site. However, that’s not really all that friendly. Not having the usual feed icons on the page was one of those “unpacked boxes” that I talked about. Well, I’ve updated the site design a little, and now those pesky feed icons are prominently displayed.

This time, this really should be my last post on this blog.


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Moving Again

Yes, I know, it’s not been that long since I moved from Windows Live Spaces to here, and there’s not a lot of content here. However, I’m still moving again. This time I’m going to self host so that I have complete control over the site. So, if you’re following my rantings, follow me on over to http://www.digitaltapestry.net.

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